Does God Have A Husband For Me?

June 23, 2007 lifeis2good

Why don’t you ask him and then wait patiently as he answers. He really will answer and the fact that you asked him instead of just trying to find someone on your own is something that he certainly will be pleased with.  God has a great reputation for “hooking up” couples. I will leave you some of his best examples to encourage your path.

1. He brought Eve to Adam and placed them in an exotic garden to have fun and build a relationship. Don’t be suprised if he has your man on a beach somewhere or some exotic location.

2. He set up the first beauty pagent to bring Esther to her man. God is all for looking great and feeling good. He loves women to look beautiful.

3. Issac got his bride as a result of her feeding a herd of camels water for his servant who was sent to find him a bride. He prayed for a hard working woman and she came along.  He must have wanted somebody sturdy and God knew it.

4. Ruth found her man by being at the right spot at the right time. She was in a field working and Boaz said, who is that knock out, tell her stay right with my other women in the field and give her whatever she wants.

5. Moses wife was minding her own business in the field when God literally dropped him at her feet after his long trek in the desert fleeing Egypt. He had just about passed out from desert heat and she was right there at a water well.

6.Josephs wife was brought to him as a gift by the Pharoah, just like that. She was a blessing to him after his pain and suffering. He went from the prison to the palace to the alter.

All these were divine connections. God did all of the match making. There was no guess work. He did it perfectly and these marriages lasted. Ask him provide a mate. Establishing relationship is really something he enjoys.

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