Dear God Please Change My Husband

July 25, 2007 lifeis2good

I bet you anything if we could tap the prayer lines of heaven today, this very moment we would hear women from all over the world praying God would you please change my husband.Women want everything more love, more attention, a man who would be a real father, a man who will stop drinking, stop smoking, stop whatever. And I believe the heart of God is touched with every bit of it. But I tell you what you might consider doing, as you are uttering that prayer, add this one also – Dear God please change me.

I think that prayer would be a whole lot more powerful than Dear God, please change my husband. You know why, because God will give you the stregnth to live beyond your current circumstances while he is working on your husband. The things that used to tick you off about what he would do would slowly begin to change because now you’re running on Holy Ghost power instead of human effort. And believe me the Holy Ghost is always cool, calm and collected. Your change in nature will probably make old bull head so confused he’s going to say what happened to my wife.

Hopefully he will appreciate your new nature, become convicted enough to change. The Bible encourages us that a husband can be won over by the good conversation (behavior) of their wives. What does your life speak to your husband? Are you a hell raiser or a holy roller? The more you tend to the holy side, you will bring peace within your own life which will spill over into the home. Then he will be forced to deal with the peace factor and that force is hard to battle.

You see when stop arguing, you defuse him and he’s not going to know what to do because he is so used to confrontation. When you have his dinner ready and he’s used to fighting over whose cooking and how much grocery is in the house, you’ve dismantled the point of attack. When you stop kicking him out of the bedroom and loving him anyway, something is bound to happen, because even in science we know that every action has a corresponding reaction. So – Dear God change me. Peace will prevail.

So what if you do all of this and he leaves anyway. Then accept that as your blessing from God that he has removed you from the one that was robbing your life of peace and making you and probably your children miserable. Then begin to seek him for the one that he wants you to have. Ask him to give you a man after his own heart.

But if he chooses to stay, begin to make his life an extremely happy place. Find out what he wants out of your relationship and tell him what you need from the relationship and then commit to making it work. If God bless you with a second chance, put him in the center of it so it will turn out the way you both really want it to.

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