10 Places To Take Your Husband On A Date

June 10, 2008 lifeis2good
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I wrote one on 10 places to take your wife on a date and thought we needed to even the score. They deserve to be treated out too.

1. Go to a hotel for the weekend.
2. Buy tickets to their favorite sports event and go without the kids.
3. Take them shopping and say you have one day to pick out anything you want me to wear and to toss out 3 things in my closet that you hate but never told me about.
4. Go with him to his favorite store and buy him something that you know you never would have agreed to, but will do it today to make him happy.
5. Go for a long drive and tell him every good thing you can think of about him.
6. Give him a weekend pass that you won’t complain about anything and if you do, he has the right to…
7. Find an activity that neither of you have done before and do it together – like ethinic cooking classes are popular these days.
8. Do something water related – boating, fishing, spa, water park etc.
9. Do something speed related – motorcross, monster truck events, dirtbiking etc.
10. Take a dance class together.

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