Feel Like My Marriage Is Dead

June 25, 2008 lifeis2good
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If you feel like your marriage is dead, then bury it. I didn’t say end it. I said bury it. Some relationships are so bad that all you can do is to start over. They are bad because for years you have slowly killed each other. A relationship does not turn sour over night. It take effort. The only thing is the effort is not a positive one. Instead of blessing, you have bruised. Instead of caring, you have cursed. Instead of giving, you have taken. Instead of encouraging, you have dismembered emotions. But somewhere in all of that hurt there is still something inside of you that says, I don’t want to be without this person and for whatever reason I love them.

I am just the type of person that doesn’t waste time with life because it is too short. So if you have a problem, deal with it and don’t let it continue to rob you of life. If your marriage feels dead then start the long process of reversing that by having strong communications with your spouse. Be flat honest and let them know how you feel and that you need measurable changes immediately. I want you, but I can’t live like this. Do you want a marriage or not? I will not continue to go down this road. You need to work with me.

I know it is not often this simple, but sometimes it really it. But just do something to evoke a change in the situation. Then express what you want. I think the marriage would be better if… I’ve invested so much time in this relationship I don’t want it to end, but if you are bent on ending it make it clear so that I can go on with my life. I loved you once, I want to love you again, are you willing to work with me?

Then forgive each other and move on. Day by day you will have to create a new marriage and never bring up again what happened in the past. Bury that mess that you have on your hand, and birth a new relationship. You can do it. Don’t sacrifice your life for a miserable marriage. That is not God’s best for you. He never wanted us to just put up with anything. Get him involved and make a change.
Read my about page for resources and read my article Love Jesus Hate My Marriage on how to begin a new birth.

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