Should A Husband Submit To His Wife?

July 8, 2008 lifeis2good
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Should a husband submit to his wife? A smart one will….

This was an interesting question, should a husband submit to his wife? When you really get into reading the Bible you will find some very interesting stuff, it’s just purely deep. There is a situation in the Bible where God himself told the husband to submit to the wife and the husband did. It’s in the story of Sarah and Abraham, you will have to look it up and read it. They were going through a very rough period and finally God had to step in and said, do what she says. It eventually brought peace back to the home.

In my opinion we’ve got the whole submission thing messed up. Some well meaning religious people have taken submission out of context from a few scriptures in the Bible and placed women in servtitude to serve their own self interests and nearly doormats. The confussion comes over scriptures written in Ephesians 5:22, wives submit to your own husbands as unto the Lord. People that use that scripture to control, totally leave out the scripture right before it – submitting yourselves ONE to THE OTHER in the fear of God. They also leave out the fact that God called the man to be led of his spirt when operating as a husband. No man being led of the sweet and nuturing spirit of the Lord is going to have any problem getting his wife to submit to anything. So if you are one of the types that wants a submissive wife then be the type of husband that God commands – loving, kind, considerate, self sacrificing, nurturing, excellent work ethic, provider, helpful and a blessing.

When the scriputures are used in context, then submitting to one another in the fear of God brings peace. A husband should submit to his wife when he knows that the wisdom she provides is in the best interest of their family. That is why God over ruled Abraham and said, listen to Sarah and he did. Ask God to give you discernment when dealing with your spouse, then you will know how to use submission properly and when it is in your best interest to submit to your wife.

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  • 1. jessicadowns  |  August 3, 2008 at 12:00 am

    First off there are many scriptures that show the wife is to be in subjection to authority. 1 Timothy 2 talks about the ‘divine’ order of the sexes. In short, women were decieved first by Satan, so then we are subjected to the husband.
    You and many other women have looked at submission in the wrong way and we can see how feminism is literally destroying society. God has given us a role, that frankly I cherish. I love the fact that my husband is in charge. He loves me and makes the best decisions.
    Now, I know there are some husbands who are not Biblical husbands, however, we are still to obey, but that is a different subject.
    Now, about men submitting to their wives, that isn’t Biblical. A husband can head his wives advice, yet that is not submission.
    If the woman is the leader of the home, a christian home, then that is not Biblical nor is it God honoring. Sorry to disagree, but You have to read the Bible and accept what it says whether you like it or not.

  • 2. lifeis2good  |  August 3, 2008 at 1:20 am

    I am so sorry that you took my stand on submission completely and absolutely out of context. Nor will I attempt to justify my biblically founded belief system.

    Submission in a home is God honoring and expected. But submission has order for both the male and female in the relationship and it is often not followed which causes great destruction to the home.

    A man is called to submit to God and to love his wife as the Lord loved the church and gave himself for it. It is a sacrificial role. If they do as God commanded then submission is not a problem in the home.
    You have men that will not submit to God’s order but then want their wives to submit to them. This is unbiblical and scriptually unfounded. I am against this because it destoys homes.

    You stated that Eve was deceived. In that you are correct. But the root of how man did not follow God’s instructions started right there. God gave Adam specific instructions. He did not follow them. He was standing right there when Satan gave the fruit to Eve. Read Genesis 3:6 “she took the fruit thereof, and did eat AND GAVE also unto her husband WITH HER.

    If Adam would had done what God command she would not have been deceived. That is why when God came down and corrected the matter he went straight to Adam. He (Adam) knew what to do but did not do it.

    You will never find a single time in any of my posts where I even remotely suggest that a woman should take leadership position in her home. But you will find countless times when I encouraged couples to get on their knee’s and let GOD help them to bring their home into divine order.

    I do not appreciate being called a feministic and would highly recommend that before you make such charges that you view all the evidence at hand. Read all the postings that I have (over 200 of them) and see if you draw the same conclusion. I am 100 + percent for marriage and for marriage restoration. This has been part of my life’s work and it has been very effective.

  • 3. jessicadowns  |  August 3, 2008 at 5:33 am

    Where in scripture does it say for the husband to submit to the wife? I can’t find one. All I see is that the husband submits to God, the wife to the husband.
    I did not call you feministic, I called the feminist movement in generall has destroyed the homes of families.
    Plus, when you said that a smart man would submit, well, you take that as you will. To me, that didn’t come off very well, in my opion.

  • 4. lifeis2good  |  August 4, 2008 at 3:26 am

    You will have to understand the context in which I wrote the article. Someone had asked me a question should a man submit to his wife because he felt he should have the final say in a matter they were discussing.

    So I responded by saying that there is an instance in the Bible where God set a precedent for a man to submit to his wife’s wisdom in order to keep peace in the home and then gave the example. The husband has to be in spiritual alignment with God to be able to discern this.

    A smart man will listen to his wife’s wisdom instead of walking around in pride saying I’m the man you have to do what I say because the Bible says you are to submit to me. That is not the context of biblical submission.

    From my perspective biblical submission starts in Ephesisans 5:21, not 5:22. Ephesian 5:21 tells husbands and wives to submit to one another in the fear of God. Because if the husband and wife are both correctly aligned with each other and with God, then verse 22 is not an issue – wives submit yourselves unto your own husbands as unto the Lord.

    The Greek word for submit (hupotasso) used in Ephesians comes from two separate words. The first word is hupo which means to come under or to obey. The second word is Tasso which means to arrange in an orderly manner.

    God’s definition of submission is not to be ruled by someone. It has an element of peace- tasso. What I was addressing was people that want huppo but not tasso. This is destructive and out of biblical order. Godly submission is based on obedience and order (hupotasso). If husbands and wives are yielded to each other and to God it works. Submission without tasso is dominiation and that is never what God intended.

  • 5. Karen Mielke  |  April 1, 2016 at 10:23 am

    How can you love someone sacrificially without submitting?

    • 6. lifeis2good  |  April 29, 2016 at 8:31 pm

      My personal perspective is that we are not called to sacrifice ourselves to our spouse. We are called to love them. Love doesn’t hurt, sacrifice does. Hupotasso is the Greek word for submission it calls for us to come under (submit) in a very orderly and peaceful manner. Domination,control or do what I say just because I said it are not a part of hupostasso. When husbands create an environment of love, respect, peace, honor and adoration for their wives submission will not be an issue. Pray for God’s guidance he will give it. I am only speaking from my perspective not as advice. I wish you the best.

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