Hate Husband but He is Sick

January 6, 2009 lifeis2good
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To the person that wrote, I hate my husband but he is sick. Here is something to consider, you are at a cross road, that sickness can be your ultimate revenge like leave him and let him suffer for what he has done to you OR it can be the BIGGEST opportunity of your life to allow God to bring out compassion in you that you never knew you had. That loving compassion in its purity can be so strong that it will humble your husband, cause him to repent for his ways and beg for your forgiveness. I think the latter would probably be the most healing and the most rewarding. The bible says I put before you blessings and cursings life and death, therefore choose life. What is going to bring the most life to your world, to hurt him or bless him?

Now in the probability that he did something so terribly wrong that in your heart of hearts you feel the relationship is beyond repair please talk to God about it before you end it. He alone knows how much we can really bear and he will give you wisdom on exactly what to do. See my about page for resources.

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