Linda Leon loves to be an inspiration to others. She has spent years in the media as a television host, published author, and shortwave radio producer. She is also a certified nutritionist, happily married with children, and ordained minister. Her husband is an ordained minister also. Feel free to visit the Life Inspired website at mvpmedia1.com/lifeinspired/.Disclaimer This blog is for inspirational purposes. It is not the intent of this site to provide professional guidance /advice of any nature. Please seek professional guidance/advise for those with proper licensing.

Resources:For Marriages That Need Help:

The Holy Bible

Recommended Churches: Fellowship of Faith Church, Greater Life Church, Macedonia Church, 3 Angels Church

1 800 A Family

American Association of Christian Counselors

Caring For The Heart – this is an organization that helps marriages to heal and recover from hurt couples do to each other and more.

If you need help for any legal matters related to divorce, bankruptcy, estate planning or other financial matters contact Jimerson Law Firm. Contact him at herman@jimersonlawfirm.com. Mr. Jimerson is also the author of  The Defender which is available at Amazon.com and other online retailers. He is also the author of Foreclosure, a book that helps people avoid foreclosure.

If you are currently separated and really do not want to get a divorce this resource may help you.Linda Rooks ministers to persons going through separation. She and her husband were separated three years and then after much prayer and healing got remarried. Her organization is called brokenheartonhold.com and she has a book with the title Broken Heart on Hold.

Ann Graham Lutz Ministries ( helping people get through divorce) – This is Billy Graham’s daughters ministry. She has an incredible testimony and lots of help available.

Chaplain Marty Jones – Spiritual Nurturing – Florida Hospital in Orlando, Fl (helping people get through divorce works well with children issues surrounding divorce)

1 800 856-Hope Hotline for sexual abuse, rape and incest for women

Resources from 3ABN.org (1-800 752-3226):

Pastor to pastor support and general support (for marriage, divorce, other)

The Ultimate Survivor Guide (free booklet on marriage and divorce)

Pastor John Dinzey

Pastor Hal Steenson

J. D. Quinn

If you are in a domestic abuse situation a news story on ABC13.com (http://abclocal.go.com/ktrk/story?section=local&id=5697709) might help you. They discussed how to safely leave life threatening situations. The most important thing they stressd was timing, having a plan, having a safe room in your home and establishing a connection with a county approved safe house. Victims gave testimonies about how they survived with proper planning and assistance.

A domestic violence hotline is available at 1 800 799-SAFE.

Dr. Sandy Murphy specializes in Christian counseling for domestic abuse, family violence, sexual assault, sexual perversions, complications from gay/lesbian lifestyles and incest. http://www.electladypreacher.org/page.asp?PageName=About

Other Resources

For Abuse:Safe Haven Ministries – Director Jennifer Marcum

Mending the Broken Soul Ministries – Founders Steven and Celestia Tracy ( they have a book title the same) This ministry focuses on personal healing.

The ministries below are also fully prepared to handle abuse situations
Moon Valley Church – Dr. Christine Stevenson

Scottsdale Valley Church

Denver Seminary – Dr. James Beck

When Love Hurts (DVD series for Christians in abuse)contact Day of Discovery Ministries 1 800 539-0708

For pastors or churches that want to get involved with abuse training – theravenproject.org

If you have been victimized by a pastor or leader in authority in the church realm know that they too have been injured somewhere in life to do such a grevious and damaging act. If you have been or am currently in a situation like this there is a ministry that helps to bring restoration called Hope of Survivors Ministries at thehopeofsurvivors.com. Steve and Samantha Nelson are the founders of this ministry which came as a result of their unfortunate experience in this area. God bless you as you try to recover from this tragedy.

If you are struggling in any way with homosexual issues and need support, His Touch International under the direction of H. Ray Highfield (histouchint.org) may be a good starting place for you. They not only minister to people in a homosexual crisis, but also help families to walk through the many issues surrounding this lifestyle including support for HIV and people dying with Aides.

If you are considering exiting a lesbian lifestyle this ministry may be able to help. Clint and Penny Braggs of Inverse Ministries. Penny was raised in church, married and then left her husband for a woman. The relationship lasted about 8 years. She decided to go back to God, repented and remarried her husband Clint. Now they minister to people in similiar situations of what they went through. They also have a book out on this subject called “Path of Most Resistence.”

There is a ministry called With His Strength founded by Wayne and Sherri Labins that supports people struggling with issues concerning child molestations, incest, etc. He was an ex child offender and now provideds resources for those wishing to escape this lifestyle.

Resource for sexual addictions

If you would like information to help to get released from sexual addictions request a copy of the program called Hooked on Sex at 1888 242-9393. To get more information on the couseling organization that can help in this area call 630 801-3838. This is the number for the Total Living Network and they are the ones that produced the program and having information on the counseling agency that they used.

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